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Leather key holder for Vespa

Leather key holder for Vespa

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 adilee leather craft was established in 2008.
I have been studying hand-stitched leather craftsmanship and technology for many years.
Using the unique material of leather, we can create a variety of different types of works.

Vegetable Tanning is the earliest tanning method.
Tanning is done by extracting tannins and other ingredients from plants.
The tanning method is to put the skin into different concentrations of tanning and soak it repeatedly for many times, which takes one to two months.
Since the vegetable tanning process is time-consuming and expensive to produce,
This explains why the market price of vegetable-tanned leather products is relatively high and there are relatively few choices.
Vegetable-tanned leather does not contain harmful chemical components such as heavy metals and can be directly in contact with the skin.
It also retains the natural texture and luster of the leather.

Leather key holder for Vespa

Price - HKD$320.00 - Ordering time is approximately 10-14 days.

- The key cover adopts cold pressing shaping technology to provide all-round protection for the car key.

- There is an opening on the top for easy installation by yourself.

- Finely hand-cut, all hand-sewn with double needles.

- The leather edges are repeatedly polished and polished by hand, and are sealed with French leather edge oil.

- Made of top-quality Italian vegetable-tanned cow leather.

- Pure brass hardware.

- Comes with installation tools.

- 100% handmade in Hong Kong.

- Customized other styles/name pressing, welcome to inquire.
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