Shipping policy


  • 顧客訂購付款完成後等同接受下列條款。
  • 顧客如並未特別要求車牌字體間距與尺寸,則會按照本店之標準排列制定。
  • 車牌的目的是正確合法地顯示車輛牌照號碼和相關法例的身份識別,並以這種功能性方式出售,但它們不是藝術品。
  • 本店之產品屬個人訂造及不能二次銷售,離開前請檢查產品之準確及完整,所有訂造產品完成後恕不作任何更改或退換。
  • 本店並不設產品保養,產品經戶外車輛使用或有任何可能性之變化。
  • 本店產品售價並不包括拆除及安裝服務,但本公司仍可提供免費安裝服務,唯由於安全,熱力和廢氣問題,安裝時必須關掉引擎。
  • 車牌拆除安裝過程有可能導致車身刮花或凹陷或之前已有花痕於車牌遮蔽之地方;拆除舊有車牌即有可能損壞舊有車牌並無辦法保留,亦可能會因之前不適當安裝問題引致本次拆除車牌過程困難或許導致車身損害;尤其貼膜車輛特別容易在拆除車牌過程引致貼膜拉起。有此憂慮之車主請自行拆除車牌。
  • 本店並不是汽車美容或洗車店,有關清潔和清除原舊有膠跡及污跡至完美及翻新車身之無理要求,本店一律必然拒絕。
  • 本店不會就顧客授權的車牌裝拆造成之一切財物損失負上部份或全部之任何責任。
  • 所有訂造產品將於起貨日計保存90天,請於此期間內取回。訂造貨品有可能因假期物料,天災,運輸等因素有所延誤,本店不會就延誤造成之一切財物損失負上部份或全部之任何責任。
  • 敬請留意顧客所訂造之非標準車牌有可能未能符合香港法例要求,本店不會負上部份或全部之任何責任。

Conditions of Sale

  • DELIVERY TIMES - We can NOT accept any orders that are subject to a specific delivery date. Whilst we always endeavor to produce and deliver within a reasonable time i.e. 1 to 10 days - our volume of orders varies considerably and in recent years has considerably increased as our reputation is enhanced and our competition diminishes.

  • QUALITY OF PRODUCT - We always aim to give the very best quality that we can BUT over the past30 years it has become increasingly harder to obtain quality and specification of raw materials that we use - often we reject approximately 5% of all finished products due to faults and re- manufacture again which also delays deliveries.

  • METHOD OF ORDERING - After many years of experience we will ALWAYS hold to our method (a) requiring precise written orders, (b) issuing exact detailed pro-formas (on expensive items) (c) seeking full payment in advance and proceeding at as pace holding to the principle - “lack of planning on our clients part, does NOT constitute a state of emergency with us”, i.e. plan your requirement in advance.

  • Transport Department REGULATIONS - AT ALL TIMES as a registered number plate manufacture we will always seek to follow the legal documented requirements of the Transport Department - as laid out in the official demands.

  • FINALLY - As a MAJOR condition of sale we remind all of our clients that the purpose of a number plate is to correctly and legally portray an identity mark relevant to the age and requirements of the vehicle; and is sold as such and whilst we take great pride in our quality and achievements, they are NOT WORKS OF ART - but they represent functional requirements at a reasonable price and great quality.