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The Leemanplate

Tesla dedicated short license plate holder

Tesla dedicated short license plate holder

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Tesla Model 3 / Y special car use short card holder

  • The license plate frame is developed and produced by ourselves.
  • The shorter license plate increases the sense of movement and removes the original restrictions.
  • It perfectly solves the problem of removing the original license plate frame and the problem of the upward slope of the spherical shape and the inability to install the license plate.
  • Negative angles are fully offset.
  • Two different models, designed for Model3/Y special vehicles.
  • Easy to install, just remove the original and replace.
  • Original location, no need to drill, use the original hole.
  • Restore anytime without trace.
  • Matte black finish for understated original styling.
  • Completely solve the problem that the original license plate frame does not fit the sticker.
  • Our store is the designated supplier of Tesla's original license plate, which is more confident and guaranteed.
  • Front and rear license plate holders $400/pair, together with the order of additional license plates, there is no additional charge for installation.


  • Please expect two working days to complete.
  • There is no design preview and photo preview service before delivery.
  • For vehicles with Macau or Chinese license plates installed, our store will not provide installation services.
  • The engine must be turned off when installing the license plate, and the installation of the license plate is suspended in rainy days.
  • It is completely impossible to install when it rains, because the old adhesive tape, stains, and multiple processes need to be removed after the old card is removed. The installation of the pasted license plate needs to be carried out in a dry condition to keep it firm; in case of rain, the license plate installation service will be suspended.
  • The installation of the license plate is a free service during business hours, no appointment is required and cannot be guaranteed, and it cannot be guaranteed.
  • If local courier service is required, the fee will be paid on delivery.
  • This is a non-original, non-standard, non-qualified license plate, or failed to pass Hong Kong laws and vehicle inspection.
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