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John's Blend

John's Blend Hanging Diffuser Air Freshener

John's Blend Hanging Diffuser Air Freshener

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John's Blend Hanging Diffuser Air Freshener

The Leemanplate is a John's Blend store in Hong Kong. It has a variety of John's Blend products for customers to choose from.

brand introduction:

John's Blend is a fragrance brand from Japan for 48 years. Known as the sensitive "big nose", the brand's perfumer John has created a mild and comfortable fragrance through his keen sense of smell and advanced technology, which has become the best-selling fragrance product in Asia. The appearance of the product adopts European and American design combined with Japanese elegance, which not only makes home life more comfortable, but also serves as an ornament to embellish the space.

product description:

A hanging fragrance with a simple design that fits anywhere.
You can enjoy it in various places such as inside the car, on the doorknob of the room, by the window, in the closet, and so on.
An emerging brand from Japan, choose ingredients carefully.
Made in Thailand, a big fragrance country, and jointly create a home fragrance space,
The world-renowned perfumer-John with 49 years of experience carefully prepared it.
It brings a non-vulgar fragrance, a design-rich shape, and a small decoration that enhances the design sense of the home space.
Strictly selected deodorant ingredients extracted from plants can instantly eliminate annoying odors. It can be placed in multiple indoor spaces to keep the home environment fresh and fragrant all the time.
The front and back adopt different visual designs. After the fragrance disappears, it can be used as an ornament or a bookmark, and the remaining fragrance will also make people feel comfortable.

Fragrance selection:

White Musk - White Musk:

The classic Top1 fragrance of John's Blend, silky and smooth, with a refreshing and slightly sweet comfortable soap fragrance, brings you a comfortable feeling after bathing.

Apple Pear - Apple Pear:

The sweet fusion of apples and pears, the mild and charming fragrance is like being in a fruity orchard, feeling the refreshing and charming sunshine, full of love feeling.

Red Wine - red wine fragrance:

Open the cork of the red wine and smell the aroma of mature and aged wine, Intense berry aroma, slightly sweet and ripe red wine aroma, with moderate fruit aroma, a bit bitter and sweet aroma .

Musk Jasmine - Jasmine Musk:

Based on white musk, it is sublimated into elegant white jasmine fragrance, just like walking in the path of flowers, with bursts of jasmine fragrance surrounding you.

Product Specifications:

Size: 70×140mm
Fragrance period: about 2 to 4 weeks (varies with the environment).
Country of Manufacture: Thailand Application: Wardrobe, car interior, etc.

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