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John's Blend

John's Blend Fragrance Beads Clip Diffuser

John's Blend Fragrance Beads Clip Diffuser

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John's Blend Fragrance Beads Clip Diffuser

The Leemanplate is a John's Blend store in Hong Kong. It has a variety of John's Blend products for customers to choose from.

brand introduction:

John's Blend is a fragrance brand from Japan for 48 years. Known as the sensitive "big nose", the brand's perfumer John has created a mild and comfortable fragrance through his keen sense of smell and advanced technology, which has become the best-selling fragrance product in Asia. The appearance of the product adopts European and American design combined with Japanese elegance, which not only makes home life more comfortable, but also serves as an ornament to embellish the space.

product description:

Special aromatherapy beads for the air outlet.

The world-renowned perfumer-John with 49 years of experience carefully prepared it.
It brings a non-vulgar fragrance, a design-rich shape, and a small decoration that enhances the design sense of the home space.

Fragrance selection:

White Musk - White Musk:

The classic Top1 fragrance of John's Blend, silky and smooth, with a refreshing and slightly sweet comfortable soap fragrance, brings you a comfortable feeling after bathing.

Black Musk - Black Musk

Musk Blossom -

Musk Jasmine - Jasmine Musk:

Based on white musk, it is sublimated into elegant white jasmine fragrance, just like walking in the path of flowers, with bursts of jasmine fragrance surrounding you.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: W40×D50×H40mm
  • Contents: 18 ml
  • Fragrance duration: about 30 days
  • Country of Origin: Thailand

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