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Goodyear Jump Starter - Emergency Jump Starter

Goodyear Jump Starter - Emergency Jump Starter

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Goodyear Jump Starter - Emergency Jump Starter

IP66 all-weather waterproof and dustproof safety design, it can be turned on as soon as you pop it, and it can start quickly and successfully, with top-level safety protection.

American century-old brand .
Passed CE, FCC, RoHS safety certification .
Officially authorized and strictly supervised production .
The manufacturer has purchased global insurance protection for customers .
  • Emergency car power supply, suitable for 12v cars, hybrid cars, LPG taxis and motorcycles .
  • IP66 all-weather waterproof and dustproof safety design .
  • Just pop it in and restart the engine easily and smoothly .
  • Can be used as an external USB charger for digital products .
  • Can be charged with a USB cable indoors or at the cigarette plug in the car .
  • LED white light lighting flashlight .
  • Broken car warning and emergency flashing lights .
  • Built-in smart chip, no sparks will be generated when the two clamps come into contact .
  • If the pliers mistakenly connect the positive and negative batteries, there will be no short circuit. .
  • Prevent swelling and heat due to overcharging .
  • Voltage is too low, too high and overload protection .
  • Anti-reverse charging, anti-over-discharge, reverse current and other safety protection .
  • If the car battery is completely exhausted, you can use the forced start button to start the car .
  • Four-segment LED power display, compact and easy to use .
  • Hong Kong original licensed product with one year warranty .
• Starting current: 250A
• Peak current: 600A
• External charger: 5v=1.5A (input)/5v=2.1A (output)
• LED lighting: 0.5w LED (continuous use 200 hours)
• It takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery from exhaustion (charging with a 2A charging plug)
• A full charge can charge a 3000cc petrol car approximately five times
• 7200mAh high-efficiency lithium battery, capable of starting up to 5000cc gasoline vehicles and 3000cc diesel vehicles (including Hiace and H1)
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