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ENGRAVED PLATES - Engraved Series Private Car License Plates

ENGRAVED PLATES - Engraved Series Private Car License Plates

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ENGRAVED PLATE - Engraving Series

  • Engraved-plates adopt the latest laser technology,
  • Accurately cutting the middle layer and coloring through multiple processes to produce a three-dimensional and crystal-smooth license plate.
  • Use 4mm plexiglass (film) made in Japan, which has good durability and anti-oxidation performance.
  • The license plate frame effect can also be made without using a physical license plate frame.

In the picture is the number 651 of the Hiroshima Electric Railway, which is the Japanese ground tram, which is the font of the Japanese ground tram mentioned before.

Traditional license plate production methods have been used for more than 35 years,
Liwan (LEEMANPLATE.COM) began to develop new technologies in 2008.
After 5 years of research, on December 1, 2013, LEEMANS TECHART successfully developed the exclusive and most advanced LEEMANS TECHART digital technology, which made the license plate production more perfect and continued to take the lead in the industry.

  • Exclusive license plate font library - All fonts are redrawn by professional senior designers, fully aligned horizontally and centrally, with equal size, and completeness reaches 100%.
  • High-density plexiglass acrylic, crystal polished to support various original sizes.
  • The license plate of our store is fully upgraded to optical-grade high-density plexiglass acrylic film, with improved gloss, density and transparency.
  • Price includes front and rear pair.


  • Please estimate two working days to complete.
  • There is no design preview and photo preview service before delivery.
  • For vehicles with Macau or Chinese license plates installed, our store will not provide installation services.
  • The engine must be turned off when installing the license plate, and the installation of the license plate is suspended in rainy days.
  • It is completely impossible to install when it rains, because the old adhesive tape, stains, and multiple processes need to be removed after the old card is removed. The installation of the pasted license plate needs to be carried out in a dry condition to keep it firm; in case of rain, the license plate installation service will be suspended.
  • The installation of the license plate is a free service during business hours, no appointment is required and cannot be guaranteed, and it cannot be guaranteed.
  • If local courier service is required, the fee will be paid on delivery.
  • This is a non-original, non-standard, non-qualified license plate, or failed to pass Hong Kong laws and vehicle inspection.

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