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Concor Air Freshener for outdoor windmills

Concor Air Freshener for outdoor windmills

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Concor Car Aromatherapy Air Freshener

The Leemanplate is Concor's exclusive store in Hong Kong, stocking a variety of Concor products are available in store for customers to purchase.

brand introduction:

Concor is a sub-brand of John's Blend, a 48-year-old fragrance brand from Japan. John, the brand's perfumer known as the sensitive "big nose", uses his keen sense of smell and advanced technology to create a gentle and comfortable fragrance, which has become the best-selling fragrance product in Asia. The appearance of the product adopts European and American design combined with Japanese elegance, which not only makes home life more comfortable, but also serves as a decoration that embellishes the space.

Concor creates your own leisure space.

You can enjoy it in various places such as your car, room, living room, etc.
- Outdoor style design, creating a fashionable scented space.
- Naturally fresh, the fragrance can last for 2-4 weeks or up to two months.
- Can be hung in the car, indoors, office, toilet, etc.
- Sold authorized by Japan original factory.

Fragrance options:

AfterDusk- After Dusk - Musk Bottom tone

Woods Grace - Elegant Forest - Cedar Bottom tone

Clear Horizon - Horizon - lemon base

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