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ALUMINUM PLATE - Aluminum alloy stamped motorcycle license plate

ALUMINUM PLATE - Aluminum alloy stamped motorcycle license plate

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ALUMINUM PLATE - Aluminum alloy stamped license plate

  • Made with craftsmanship and technology in the 1980s.
  • More suitable for classic vehicles.
  • The appearance feels rougher.
  • Made of aluminum alloy, will not rust.
  • The price is one for the last number.


  • The size is approximately 183 *133mm (double row) .
  • The custom license plate could not be created.
  • Made by stamping and molding, the surface of the license plate may not be perfect, so please be aware.
  • There is no design preview service.
  • There is no photo preview service before shipment.
  • Our store will not provide installation services for vehicles that have Macau or Chinese license plates installed.
  • The engine must be turned off when installing license plates, and installation of license plates is suspended on rainy days.
  • It is completely impossible to install when it rains, because after removing the old sign, you need to remove the old tape and stains, which requires multiple processes. The installation and pasting of license plates need to be done in dry conditions to maintain firmness; the license plate installation service will be suspended in case of rain.
  • The installation of license plates is a free service during business hours. Reservation is not required and cannot be guaranteed, and it cannot be guaranteed.
  • Takes about a week to make .
  • If you need local courier service, the cost is payable.
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