Q&A - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q&A - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: There are so many vehicle fonts on license plates on the market, are they all legal?
A1: According to Hong Kong law, there is only one font that can be used on license plates. For details, please refer to Hong Kong Vehicle Plate Laws. However, an earlier Police Call program stated that all angular fonts are acceptable to the police. Our store also asked the Transport Department in writing. The prescription also accepts multiple fonts, but the standards and specifications are unknown. It seems.

Q2: How durable does it take to make a pair of license plates?
A2: It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to make a pair of ordinary standard license plates, while other special orders take 1 to 30 days.

Q3: How long does it take to install a pair of license plates?
A3: It takes about 2 to 20 minutes to remove and install a pair of license plates, depending on the condition of the vehicle.

Q4: Is there a maintenance stand for the license plate?
A4: Our store does not provide license plate maintenance, because the license plate is used outside the car body. Like the windshield and the car body, it will be affected by rocks, wind and other objects when driving. The license plate is the first to bear the brunt.

Q5: Can I make a pair of license plates and put them on my house for decoration?
A5: Yes, there is no law in Hong Kong that requires any information to be registered or applied for to own a vehicle license plate.

Q6: The police prosecuted me for producing a license plate for my car. Can I pursue the license plate production company?
A6: This issue deserves discussion. If the license plate production company makes false statements to mislead the customer and the customer is deceived and is prosecuted, and if there is evidence to confirm the matter, it should be possible to make a civil claim. The license plate production company has no direct legal responsibility when its customers (car owners) use unqualified license plates. Car owners should pay attention to the specifications of their license plates and must choose the license plate production company carefully to protect their own interests. But there is another situation - enforcing the law without knowing the law - see for details

Q7: Does the embossed license plate comply with the frame?

A7: The embossed characters are legally acceptable, but they must use qualified fonts and be welded or firmly nailed to the surface of qualified reflective material. The fonts cannot have crystal interlayers and can be seen from any position 15.25 meters behind. Every word.
In fact, the Transport Department did quote Chapter 374 2(iv) of the Legislation in response to "Any English letters or numerals on the registration number must be irremovable; if the English letters or numerals are manufactured separately, as long as they are welded or firmly nailed to the The surface of the sign does not violate this provision. In addition, if English letters and numbers are displayed on a flat plate, the plate may be made with raised English letters and numbers. "However, our store's experience shows that crystal license plates (that is, with a transparent interlayer) have a chance of being prosecuted and unqualified from the perspective of the police and vehicle inspectors. However, there are also uniformed police officers from the Ministry of Transportation who explained to the store that crystal license plates are legal. It proves that the "Transportation Department" and the law enforcement agency "Police" are two agencies, so there have been multiple explanations. We also asked another police sergeant who came to install the crystal signs, and he said that there is no explicit provision prohibiting or permitting the installation, and the law is very vague.

Q8: Can you tell me whether the license plate in your area has LEEMANPLATE and BSAU 145a?
A8: In fact, the law stipulates that the license plate manufacturer's trademark and British reflective material specifications must be permanently and clearly displayed on the license plate. The purpose is to allow law enforcement officers to clearly see whether the license plate is made by a qualified manufacturer and whether the reflective material is qualified.

Q9: What do you mean when I see a car with an o outside the street and its license plate is Huang Qinqin?
A9: Because the material is not made of high-quality pure acrylic film, ultraviolet light from the sun can easily oxidize it.

Q10: Why don’t we use automatic online store?
A10: The reason is that each customer orders different ready-made products. We must understand the customer's needs and the feasibility of customized products, so each order must be reviewed and communicated.

Q11: Did you write this Q&A yourself?
A11: Yes, but I don’t know why everyone copied it from me. I shouldn’t specify the source when using it with other media companies.

Q12: I just inspected my car, and the inspection officer asked me if there is not enough space between the numbers on my traditional license plate. How about a license plate with 2 English characters + 3 digits?

A12: It is definitely the fault of the Vehicle Inspection Center - the law enforcement is ignorant of the law. We have dealt with many such cases. Hong Kong Law 374E C1B, the law specifies that the custom license plate law is not a traditional license plate law. The reason is that the traditional license plate laws were drafted in the 1970s and 1980s, and traditional license plates do not explicitly stipulate the distance between numbers. In addition, the traditional plate spacing ratio specified by the law is only the picture above. If it is a customized license plate, the law in paragraph C is used. I hope that every citizen of Hong Kong can protect their own rights and interests, and should not be tempted to use a feather as an arrow. We have dealt with this problem before and have met with and complained to the Transport Department. We hope they can educate the off-duty "vehicle inspectors".
A12: After talking about the past ten years, we still need to continue talking about: the traditional license plate laws in the 1970s and the customized license plate laws in 2008 are different.
The difference is that Hong Kong Law 374E points out that traditional license plates do not have legal provisions stipulating the distance between fonts, while customized license plates clearly specify that the distance between fonts is strictly 10mm to 32 mm.
Many law enforcement officers and vehicle examiners do not know this, causing them to overcorrect when performing their duties. They are self-righteous and do not clearly understand the legal requirements. In fact, the Transport Department's brochure also clearly states that this spacing requirement is only for customized license plates. Except for ordering license plates. This is clearly stated in black and white, and there is actually no point of dispute.
But today, a customer pointed out to the vehicle inspector that the font distance of his traditional license plate number was not 10mm, and asked our store to make corrections. I pointed out that the traditional license plate number law did not explicitly stipulate the font distance, because law enforcement officials did not know the law, so they often This happened, but the customer not only did not accept my explanation, but also said that the car inspector said that the car should be tied to the rock first. I immediately responded: "These dogs are Hong Kong pigs, and those in power will think they are right no matter what they say." "In fact, the law clearly states that there is no room for dispute. This situation often occurs, and we will explain it clearly and recommend customers to file complaints. This trend of improper vehicle inspection and law enforcement personnel will not last long. If you have any doubts, ask for the legal provisions immediately. Check which article and paragraph. Don't let them talk. According to internal information, they will strive for performance. Qianqi will not be a victim. You must speak out when encountering injustice. ! If you are not right, you must admit it, and if you are right, you must persist.

Q13: Does the license plate package include installation?
A13: The product price does not include installation and removal labor. However, the installation service provided by our store is free of charge for our customers. For vehicles with Macau or Chinese license plates installed, our store will not provide installation services due to structural problems.
The price of our products does not include dismantling and installation services.
The dismantling and installation services provided by our masters are free of charge to our customers;
Use of this service is subject to acceptance of the following terms:
1. The master will try his best to carefully remove the old license plate, but must not ensure that the old license plate is intact;
2. The license plate removal process may cause the car body to be scratched or dented. Car owners who are worried about this should remove the license plate themselves;
3. Our store will not be responsible for any property damage caused by the installation and removal of license plates authorized by the car owner.
4. Our shop is not a car beauty or car wash shop. We will definitely reject any unreasonable requests for cleaning and removing the original glue marks and stains to perfection and renovating the car body.

5 , for vehicles with Macau or Chinese license plates installed, our store will not provide installation services due to structural problems.
6. The engine must be turned off when installing license plates. Installation of license plates must be suspended on rainy days.
7. The installation of license plates is a free service during business hours. No reservation is required and cannot be made, and it cannot be guaranteed.

Q14: Installation in rainy days?
A14: We need to give you some instructions on why license plates cannot be installed on rainy days.

Please note that we are unable to install license plates in rainy weather.

This is because rain will affect the adhesion of the adhesive film, resulting in the license plate not being firmly fixed on the vehicle.

In order to ensure the quality of the installation and the long-term durability of the license plate, we must install it in a dry environment.

Additionally, we need to remove old tape and stains before installing the new license plate, which requires multiple steps and time.

Our installation team will do their best to ensure the efficiency and quality of the license plate installation process to provide the best possible service.

However, as weather factors are beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that dry weather conditions will be available during each day's opening hours.

In the event of rain, our license plate installation service will be suspended.

This is to avoid installation in an unsuitable environment, thus ensuring the quality of the installation and your satisfaction.

Therefore, we hereby disclaim any liability if the number plate cannot be installed due to adverse weather conditions.

We will work with you to reschedule for a suitable time to ensure that the license plate installation can be completed in dry weather conditions.

Although there may be inconvenience to you, safety and quality are always our top considerations.

We appreciate your understanding and support of our work and look forward to providing you with a flawless license plate installation service in dry weather conditions.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

We can still perform license plate installation in other weather conditions except rainy days.

Here are some options for weather conditions:

Sunny Days: Sunny weather is ideal for license plate installation. Sunlight and a dry environment help ensure the adhesion of the tape and the fixation of the license plate.

Cloudy Days: On cloudy skies, we can usually still perform license plate installation as long as it's not raining.

However, we will keep a close eye on weather conditions to ensure the environment is still dry enough before installation begins.

It is worth noting that for some special weather conditions, such as extreme high or low temperatures, storms or blizzards, etc.,

We may need to temporarily suspend installation services to ensure safety and productivity.

Our primary goal is to ensure the quality and durability of your license plates while protecting our installation team and your vehicle.

If you have any questions about installation in specific weather conditions, please feel free to contact us.

We will provide the best solution based on local weather conditions and your needs.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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There are many violations for customizing license plates without leaving any spacing.

Customer Instructions and Disclaimer After completing the order and payment, the customer is deemed to have accepted the following terms.

If the customer does not specifically request the license plate font spacing and size,
It will be arranged according to our store's standards.

The purpose of a license plate is to correctly and legally display identification of the vehicle license plate number and relevant legislation, and to be sold in this functional manner,
But they are not works of art.

The products in our store are customized and cannot be resold.
Please check that the product is accurate and complete before leaving.
All custom-made products will not be subject to any changes or returns after completion.

Our store does not provide product maintenance. Products may be subject to any possible changes after being used in outdoor vehicles.

The price of our products does not include dismantling and installation services, but our company can still provide free installation services.
However, due to safety, heat and exhaust gas issues, the engine must be turned off during installation.

The license plate removal and installation process may result in scratches or dents on the vehicle body, or there may be scratches on the area covered by the license plate;
Removing the old license plate may damage the old license plate and make it impossible to retain it.
There may also be problems with previous improper installation that may cause difficulty in removing the license plate or cause damage to the vehicle body;
In particular, vehicles with film stickers are particularly prone to the film being pulled up during the process of removing the license plate. Car owners who are worried about this are asked to remove their license plates themselves.

Our shop is not a car beauty or car wash shop. We will definitely reject any unreasonable requests for cleaning and removing old glue marks and stains to perfection and renovating the car body.

Our store will not be partially or fully responsible for any property damage caused by the installation and removal of license plates authorized by the customer.

All custom-made products will be kept for 90 days from the date of shipment, please pick them up within this period.
Ordered goods may be delayed due to holiday supplies, natural disasters, transportation and other factors.
Our store will not be partially or fully responsible for any property damage caused by delays.

Please note that non-standard license plates ordered by customers may not comply with Hong Kong legal requirements.
Our store will not bear any responsibility, in whole or in part.

Conditions of Sale

1. DELIVERY TIMES - We can NOT accept any orders that are subject to a specific delivery date. Whilst we always endeavor to produce and deliver within a reasonable time ie 1 to 10 days - our volume of orders varies considerably and in recent years has considerably increased as our reputation is enhanced and our competition diminishes.

2. QUALITY OF PRODUCT - We always aim to give the very best quality that we can BUT over the past30 years it has become increasingly harder to obtain quality and specification of raw materials that we use - often we reject approximately 5% of all finished products due to faults and re-manufacturing again which also delays deliveries.

3. METHOD OF ORDERING - After many years of experience we will ALWAYS hold to our method (a) requiring precise written orders, (b) issuing exact detailed pro-formas (on expensive items) (c) seeking full payment in advance and proceeding at as pace holding to the principle - "lack of planning on our clients part, does NOT constitute a state of emergency with us", ie plan your requirement in advance.

4. Transport Department REGULATIONS - AT ALL TIMES as a registered number plate manufacture we will always seek to follow the legal documented requirements of the Transport Department - as laid out in the official demands.

5. FINALLY - As a MAJOR condition of sale we remind all of our clients that the purpose of a number plate is to correctly and legally portray an identity mark relevant to the age and requirements of the vehicle; and is sold as such and whilst we take great pride in our quality and achievements, they are NOT WORKS OF ART - but they represent functional requirements at a reasonable price and great quality.

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