CC brand for decoration?

CC brand for decoration

The "CC card" with white letters on a red background, although it can be used to prevent the police from ticketing, but it is still superior to others to indicate "diplomatic courtesy"! However, this "consular license plate" is quite a joke.

"CC Card" is a customary mark, not issued by the government, and no application is required. There are a series of conventions and laws, and there is no provision to prohibit people without consular status from putting "CC plates" on their cars! Even just claiming to be a consul may not immediately commit a crime like impersonating other public officials.

It is not a crime to ostentatiously pass through the market, but bluffing and deceiving is not an offence. Further acts, such as pretending to be a consul to gain the trust of others and then defrauding others, are criminal offences. There are many examples of similar cases. Someone in Taiwan pretended to be a Congolese consul to invest in copper and diamond mines, involving more than 100 million yuan; in Hong Kong, two Indians claimed to be British consuls in November 2006 in an attempt to Drugs are smuggled by taking advantage of the "exemption privilege" in which packages cannot be opened for inspection during consular clearance. The customs officers checked the names of the two with the consulate, and the trick was revealed!

According to the "Vienna Convention on Consular Relations", a real consul must have a "diploma of appointment" issued by the sending country, plus a "consular certificate" issued by the country in which he is stationed, before he can perform his duties.

Anyone who uses false evidence is undoubtedly committing the crime of false documents. However, the mere "CC mark" does not seem to be considered a document, and it is more difficult to be charged with this crime.

In 2003, a luxury RV affixed with a "CC" plate was intercepted by the police on Jaffe Road, Tonghuang Bay. Arrested for work. It was later confirmed that the owner of the car was a shareholder of the pet store, not a consul. The driver explained that his "CC plate" was just for decoration.
To put it bluntly, ordinary people can also buy this kind of round brand from garages! When everyone knew that the "consular license plate" was originally "issued by the garage", the envious eyes were swept away!

(See Suowen Weng Jingjing)

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