HEEL TREAD 經典車花無縫襪

Heel Tread is a unique brand of socks that draws its inspiration from one of man’s greatest passions.
Our collection is a tribute to some of the world’s most renowned automotive icons. We design socks for the ones that skip a beat when something exotic drives by, for the ones that look beyond wheels and see art. From headlights, air vents, and heritage, we get patterns, textures, and colors.
A brand that allows you to take your passions with you everywhere, even to bed.

Designed and produced in Portugal, we use seamless toe knitting to create a sock without any stitches. With 80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide and 3% Elastane, beautiful inside and out. After you’ve worn them a few times, you won’t be able to go back to anything else.

HEEL TREAD在葡萄牙設計和生產,我們使用無縫襪頭技術編織襪子,沒有任何縫線,頂着你的腳趾。 HEEL TREAD經典車花無縫襪使用80%精梳棉、17%聚酰胺和3%彈性纖維,內外美觀。 在你穿了幾次之後,將無法穿回其他品牌。

標準尺寸,應該大部份人都岩嘅:41-46 UK (7½-11½) US (8-12)。

The car that invented the hot hatch set a pretty high bar for all that came after it.
But its birth wasn’t easy…
The prototype was based on a Scirocco, with an EA827 engine with dual carburetors and a lowered and stiffened suspension. When Volkswagen’s Chief of Research drove this prototype, he objected to the harsh suspension and excessive noise from the intake system and declared the car “undriveable.” Nevertheless, the VW Golf GTI team persevered and ended up assembling an exceptional automobile.
Gunhild Liljequist was tasked with creating a set of features that would set the GTI’s interior apart from the standard Golf. Her contributions became car interior design legends: the bright Tartan plaid upholstery and the dimpled golf-ball-like gearshift knob, making this sock design sort of a no-brainer for us.

.GTI 船襪 / GTI 襪

It gave us the first BMW M3. It is by far the best looking 80’s sedan, and it has the coolest stance and the coolest DTM paint job that made our life very very easy… Can you tell it’s one of our favorites?

.E30 船襪 / E30 襪

Although it was first released more than 60 years ago, Porsche has always been able to keep the 911 on the cutting edge of auto engineering, design, and user experience. A true automotive icon if there’s ever been one. The RSR was the racing version that made a name for itself in competitions like the 24 Hours of Le Mans here in Martini Racing livery.

.RSR船襪 / RSR襪

Enzo Ferrari called this Jaguar “the most beautiful car ever made.” Its iconic front air intake was the inspiration for this design; simple, yet impossibly elegant. In British Racing Green, of course.

.E-TYPE 襪

Back in 1956, Alec Issigonis was assigned by BMC to develop a very small, simple, and economical car that could carry four adults and their luggage.
It soon became apparent that this new car would be revolutionary in every aspect, with John Cooper being the first to spot its potential for racing.
This leads to some initial success on the track and set the starting point for an unprecedented story in motorsport with this small but nimble performer leaving behind a pack of far more powerful (and puzzled) opponents.
It culminated in Paddy Hopkirk’s famous win in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964 – an event the Mini would dominate up until 1967 and forever tied the Cooper name with the sporting legend of the Mini. 
A minimalistic approach to the red livery of the last Mini to win in Monte Carlo – the gigantic 177 – was the inspiration for this sock design.
* unlike the original Mini did, we can’t promise these socks will make you feel taller

.Mini 襪


Only 750 of the cheeky MGB GT Jubilee’s were produced in 1975 to celebrate MG Car Company’s 50th Anniversary, painted in a lovely dark green and bespoke fancy gold trim. When it launched in 1962, the MGB was the epitome of the “modern” British sportscar, the last to be built at the famous Abingdon factory and, needless to say, this particular version has a special place in MG history.


This mad, mad car looks like the love child between the batmobile and a concorde jet. Yjay must be why it always seems (and sounds) like it might take off to the skies at any moment. F1 legend Fangio was involved in this Pagani development so you know this thing can move. The sock design is a tribute to the stuff it’s mostly made of: carbon fiber.

.F40 襪

 “If God was a machine, it would definitely be an F40”
– Enzo Ferrari *The best Ferrari’s were always built with a particular purpose. The F40 was designed for speed and performance, a car specifically engineered to beat the Porsche 959. This meant that it that it would need to become the first production car to reach the mythical 200 mph mark – not to mention the, at the time unheard of, 0-62 mph time of 4.1s. To achieve its purpose, a 2.9L twin-turbo V8 putting out close to 500 hp was mounted in the back and extensive use of carbon, kevlar and magnesium made it race car light. It also probably didn’t hurt that the expression “true Ferrari” was commonly thrown around by the team that developed the F40.
It was also the last Ferrari to have Enzo’s touch. Both him and the team knew from the very beginning that this would be the last Ferrari that “Il Commendatore” would ever personally sign off on. 
No wonder then, that it turned out to be a “true Ferrari”.

* – or at least sure sounds like something Enzo Ferrari would have said.


Once upon a time, there was Lancia, one of Italy’s greatest car manufacturers. Back then, before the Scooby’s and the Evo’s, lived the hero of our story, the Lancia Delta. And, like a character from a fantasy world, it suddenly went from quiet utilitarian to a Rally God. When it entered the WRC battlefield in its Martini war paint, it was so damn good that it made everything else look prehistoric in comparison, carelessly destroying competitors and leaving nothing but tread marks behind.
It won the WRC manufacturer’s title in its debut year in 87 and then went on to win 6 (six!) years in a row and becoming, to this day, the most successful rally car of all times.
And, more than a quarter of a century after its introduction, the Integrale is still loved and respected, perhaps now even more than ever.
Please come back, Lancia. We’ve missed you!

.EVO 襪

With ten official versions set apart by Roman numerals, each new one poised to rule over all that came before it, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is one of the great Japanese dynasties.
Despite its humble origins as a family sedan, with the help of Mitsubishi’s performance division Ralliart, that transformed it into a car-shaped toy, it won 4 consecutive WRC titles at the hands of Tommi Mäkinen, from 1996 to 1999.
All hail the Emperor of the Rising Sun!

.ST185 襪

An underdog by all accounts, the Toyota Celica GT-Four was the car that effectively ended the European domain of the WRC, becoming the first Japanese competitor to race with a turbocharged AWD car and grabbing wins and titles like no other before it. 
The ST185 with the Toyota Castrol livery became the most iconic version, with Carlos Sainz being the pilot that most consistently drove it to victory.


Happy (belated) 50th birthday, Lamborghini!
Perhaps no other car manufacturer has made so many cars that turned into posters in kids’ bedrooms, putting out some of the most exotic dream cars that generations of petrol heads have been growing up with.
This, however, is one special Bull. Fifty years of breeding have brought us here. The Veneno is the gift Lamborghini gave itself on its 50th birthday and that we felt had to be turned into something extraordinary. Us fanboys couldn’t be happier with the result and genuinely believe that this is one of the best-looking socks we’ve ever knitted – and, like Lambo, we spared no efforts on the details, mimicking the extensive carbon fiber usage and the Tricolore of the Italian flag.
Long live the Bull!


A collaboration with Shmee150 to create a tribute to his own McLaren Senna. 

On the off chance you haven’t heard of him, Shmee150 is the brand of Tim Burton, a blogger/youtuber who travels the world in search of the greatest and most exclusive automotive content – it’s a tough gig doing Gumball 3000 or Mille Miglia but, hey, somebody’s got to take one for team petrolhead, right?

This is a man who’s current car collection – dubbed The Shmeemobiles – includes, besides the obvious super exclusive hypercar McLaren Senna, an Aston Martin Vantage GT8, Ford GT, Merc-AMG GT R, Mclaren 675LT Spyder and… *drum roll please*… a lime green Suzuki Jimny! Not bad for a guy who started off with a 1.2 Renault Clio.

Anyway, we’re clearly fans of the lifestyle so we partnered up with Shmee150 to create a Limited Edition of regular and low-cut sock designs based on Tim’s own Cerulean Blue McLaren Senna, with a dark blue carbon fiber effect.




・〈HEEL TREAD 經典車花無縫襪〉



・標準尺寸:41-46 UK (7½-11½) US (8-12)。











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